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5 Car Insurance Laws to Know When Looking for Philadelphia Auto Insurance Quotes

BuyPhiladelphiaAutoInsuranceOnlineWhile buying car insurance, you must be acquainted with the various laws involving the entire process. You may ask why it is of utmost importance. Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to things involving money and safety. By knowing the various legal codes and norms, you not only save yourself from trouble but also end up saving quite a significant amount on your insurance premium rates. The laws regarding auto insurance vary from state to state. While some have straightforward and simple laws, others have detailed and complex ones. Pennsylvania too has its set of car insurance laws for the benefit of its residents.

Pennsylvania emphasizes a lot on its laws. It makes auto insurance mandatory and ensures that no car owner is without one. The PennDoT monitors the cases involving the vehicle like licensure, registration, insurance, etc.  Philadelphia city is a part of this state and is hence bound by its laws. Auto insurance quotes in Philadelphia is quite high but by knowing the laws and being a safe and keen driver, you can lessen your premium rates.

There are mainly five car insurance laws in this state under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. They are listed as follows.

•             Pennsylvania clearly states that you must possess a minimum liability of $15,000 for bodily injury per head, and $30,000 per accident. You must also have Property Damage coverage of $5,000 and Medical expenses coverage of $5,000. However, these are just the bare minimum and are not always enough to protect you from accidents and other forms of vehicular damage.

•             If you are caught driving on the streets of Pennsylvania without at least the liability coverage, you will be severely penalized. You may face a license suspension of up to 90 days and additional fees to recover the license after the tenure of suspension is over. Adding to these are other fines and fees. To avoid such problems, make sure you never leave your house without the necessary documents proving that your car is insured.

•             Since auto insurance in Pennsylvania is compulsory, the state assures all its drivers that they will get one despite of being high-risk drivers. The state does this through the Assigned Risk Program. If your insurance is terminated, cancelled or denied due to a poor driving record, signing up for this program will definitely help.

•             Pennsylvania, as you know, is a state of torts. This concept is well applied in the state’s car insurance laws as well. There are two types of torts- full and limited. Limited tort costs less, but keeps you from recovering the entire amount you lost due to an accident. Full tort, on the other hand, may cost more but will give you the right to sue the party at fault and receive full compensation for the medical expenses and vehicular damages.

•             Scopes are always more if you are willing to spend more. If in possession of more than one vehicle and have brought them under the same car insurance policy, then you can opt for additional coverage like the Uninsured Motorist coverage and Underinsured Motorist coverage. If your car is damaged due to an accident caused by a driver who is either insufficiently insured or not insured at all, you can claim from this coverage.

Philadelphia is the capital city of Pennsylvania and legally comes under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvanian commonwealth. It is an expensive city with average Philadelphia auto insurance quotes at about $2,313. Thus, by knowing the vehicular and insurance laws, you can reduce a lot on your Philadelphia car insurance quotes.

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