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Comply With Philadelphia DMV Without Any Errors

Philadelphia, being a part of the Pennsylvanian commonwealth, is to comply by the auto insurance norms of the Pennsylvanian state. Here, such matters are looked into, by the Motor Vehicle Department of Philadelphia.

1. If I do not have auto insurance, will my license be cancelled?

The Philadelphia DMV, can cancel your vehicle registration, and can even suspend your license, if you are not in possession of one.

2. Is it a legal move on part of my auto insurer to cancel my policy, if I fail to pay the premium?

If you are unable to submit your insurance premium on time, then the insurer can terminate or cancel your auto insurance plan on the grounds of non-payment or delayed payment. In Pennsylvania, the auto insurance companies are bound by law to extend the due date.

3. If I receive a notice of termination or cancellation of my auto insurance policy from my insurance company, what should I do?

The Pennsylvanian insurance laws list a number of reasons, on grounds of which an insurance company can terminate or cancel a plan. The first and foremost thing you must do  in this case is contact your insurance company and ask for the reason of cancellation of the insurance agreement. If you are not satisfied with their explanation, you can complain to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. However, remember your compliant must reach them by thirty days of receiving the termination notice.

If you are at fault in two or more accidents of a similar kind, within a span of three years, and both the claims exceed the cut-off amount, then your company can choose to non-renew your plan.4. Can my auto insurance company disagree to renew my insurance, if I have too many claims?

5. What is meant by a surcharge, and how can I avoid it?

A surcharge is the additional amount to be paid along with your insura

6. What shall I do, if I am unable to understand the terms of my policy entirely?nce premium, in case you are accused of some traffic violations or an accident. The percentage is decided while drafting the policy, and you generally pay it for a period of three years. However, you pay a surcharge, only if the total amount claimed in an accident in the last three years, exceeds the specified amount. You can also avoid a surcharge, by paying back the company at least 60% of the amount it has paid as claims.

If you have any doubts regarding your policy, feel free to contact the insurance company itself. Most of them have a reliable and efficient customer service, with experts looking up and trying their best to clarify your doubts. You also have the option of writing in your queries to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s Bureau of Consumer Services or Philadelphia transport department.

7. Are there any risks involved with changing one’s insurance company?

An insurance company cannot terminate or deny you insurance on the grounds of age, residence, marital status, etc. However, it has the right to carry out crosschecking and investigatory activities within the first two months of selling you a scheme. During which, it can cancel your policy on any of the reasons listed by the Pennsylvanian auto insurance laws.

The vehicle department of Philadelphia i.e the Philadelphia DMV is quite strict when it comes to vehicle laws, but is always at the service of its residents.

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