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Student’s Guide On Obtaining Philadelphia Cheap Car Insurance

When you are a full time student, you do not have a fixed income. Even if you do, it is definitely not that much. In a state like Pennsylvania, where auto insurance rules are stringent, and in a city like Philadelphia, where auto insurance quotes are sky high, it is definitely a problem. Both the state and the insurance companies are well aware of the fact that students will be unable to pay much even for a cheap Philadelphia car insurance, and hence offer discounts to students, to make them more affordable.

Drivers below the age of twenty-five are taken to be high-risk drivers. They seem to be more prone to accidents, thanks to the immaturity, and impetuousness synonymous with their age. As a result, they need to pay more for their auto insurance plans. Although the age is but one of the factors taken into account while calculating auto insurance quotes, for young drivers, especially students, it becomes nothing but a financial burden.

If you can prove yourself a low risk driver, by producing a clean driving record, you can get some discounts on your cheap car insurance in Philadelphia. In addition, some insurance companies offer discounts to good students, but you have to meet the necessary criteria listed below:

•             You are a full-time student with at least a ‘B’ average or a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and aged below twenty-five.

•             You are a full-time university, college or high-school student, enrolled in a state approved degree course.

•             Have an academic ranking in your class, among the upper twenty percent.

•             You are listed in the honor roll, dean’s list, and comparable listing because of your academic achievements.

The requirements listed above vary from company to company. While some may offer no discount at all, some may offer as much as 25%! However, most companies offer some discount to students with good grades. The discounts generally vary from 10% to 15%.

Besides high grades, the distance between your college and home can fetch you discounts. If your college is far away from your home, then the company usually offers you discount. In case the distance is hundred miles or less, the insurer encourages your parents to include you in their auto insurance policy.

If you are a cautious driver, then there is a way to get hold of Philadelphia cheap car insurance. You can let your insurance company put a transmitter on your car, to monitor the movement of your car. This user-base program can reward you with huge discounts, which sum up to 50%!

The cheapest insurance policies mostly cover just as much as the state rules require. In other words, they just offer the minimum liability of bodily injury, property damage, and medical coverage. If you are at fault in an accident, the policy will surely pay for the damages you have caused, but will not pay for the repair of your car. A number of Philadelphia cheap car insurance policies for students tend to lower the rates by putting limitations. Some cheap auto insurance in Philadelphia may cover only you, and no other drivers, while some may choose not to cover you if you are driving a rented car.

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