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Top 5 Things to Do When Making Claims for Your Cheap Car Insurance in Philadelphia

If you have spent quite a lump sum on your car insurance, it is only fair that you make claims and get them at the time you needed. In fact, it is the entire purpose of having even cheap car insurance in Philadelphia. Follow these steps to make the entire claiming process easy.

•             If you are the victim of an accident, try to gather as much information about the other party. The first and foremost thing you must note down is the number of the license plate. If the culprit tries to flee, he can be easily tracked and charged with the help of license number. If the person who hit your car pulls over and approaches you, note down contact details, license number, registration number and insurance details. You may need to submit these details to your insurance company.

•             The next most important thing you must do is to note down the condition of each car after the accident. Stress on whether the car was at all in the condition to be driven, the point of collision, the condition of the driver and its passengers. If you have a camera, better take pictures of the cars for evidence. It will make your point stronger. Produce them to your insurer and to the court while claiming for compensation.

•             Note down the time and place of the occurrence of the accident so that neither the guilty party nor the insurance company can challenge you on these grounds. Take note of number of people in the vehicle when the accident happened and the seriousness of each of their conditions. This will keep them from making false claims and asking for extra compensation.

•             Report the incident to the police immediately. According to the Pennsylvanian law, you need to report the incident irrespective of whether there is any injury or not. Make sure you report the accident to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or the PennDoT within five days of the occurrence of the incident even without having to report to the police.

•             If there are witnesses to the accident, try to gather their statements about what they have witnessed when the accident took place. This will not only strengthen your case but also will help you in the legal proceedings if it goes that far.

The more proof you provide the company of your Philadelphia cheap car insurance, the easier it will be for you to get coverage. In spite of the company who provided you your policy refuses to cover your claims, it is best to seek legal help. Last but not the least; do not forget to report the incident to the PennDoT. They will do the necessary investigation so that your claims are covered as soon as possible.

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