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Basic and Other Coverage of Auto Insurance Approved by the Philadelphia DMV

Philadelphia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is involved in administering driver licenses, vehicle registrations, and setting up of vehicular and traffic rules. It comes under Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or PennDoT. If you are a resident of Philadelphia and own a car, you need to follow the rules listed by the Philadelphia DMV.

In Pennsylvania, it is mandatory for all car owners to have auto insurance. If you are caught without one, you will be heavily penalized. Having auto insurance is not only a proof of being an obedient citizen; it also ensures the policy holder’s financial stability in case of road mishaps. There are various kinds of insurance coverage. Liability coverage is the basic coverage required by all car owners. It includes the following.
Bodily injury- In a car accident, this coverage pays for the damages and injuries you are found liable for. It amounts to $15,000 for a person, and $30,000 for the entire accident.

Property damage- If you are at fault in an accident, this coverage pays for the damages you have caused to the other party. Minimum coverage needed is $5,000.

Medical benefits- It covers the medical expenses in case of an accident. It functions irrespective of fault.

There are also a number of optional coverage schemes to add to the basic ones. These include the following.

Collision coverage- In case you car is damaged; this coverage bears the expenses of the repairs. Usually, it is bought with a deductible. You pay a certain amount and the insurer company pays the rest. If you pay a higher deductible, you premium rates are slashed. If your automobile is damaged in an accident where you are not the one at fault, your insurance company demands the guilty party to return your deductible. The amount is, however, the blue book or the replacement value of your car and not what it would actually cost you.

Comprehensive coverage- This coverage comes into effect if you car is stolen or damaged due to any reason other than a traffic accident. It also includes the Uninsured Motorists coverage in which you can seek compensation from the other party even they do not have car insurance.

Underinsured Motorist coverage- With this coverage, you can demand medical expenses from the responsible party even if they do not have enough insurance to cover them.  However, they must possess minimum liability coverage and the injuries incurred need to be serious enough.

Pennsylvania is a state of torts. There are two main types of torts to choose from. These are limited and full.

With the limited, you can demand partial compensation. On the other hand, full tort will give you the power to sue. Obviously, opting for full torts will raise your premium rates but will absolutely ensure your family’s safety. If you are injured while on duty, by law, the employer’s worker compensation policy will have to pay for your medical expenses but it will be in pending with personal injury.

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