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How To Stop Making Mistakes With Philadelphia DMV

As per the norms of the Philadelphia DMV, car insurance is absolutely a necessity for cars owners of the city. However, we must know that it is for our own safety. The transport department has enforced such a rule. Say, you meet with an accident, which results in substantial injury and damage to property. What will you do if you are at fault? Not only do you need to compensate for the damages you have caused, but also spend money on your treatment, which in some cases may be worth quite a lot. This is when car insurance comes in. Car insurance is a policy you purchase from an insurer, which assures to pay for the damages and medical expenses, in case the insured is involved in an accident. In other words, it is a proof of the vehicle owners’ financial responsibly. Of course, they are bound by a set of conditions.

The state along with the Philadelphia Department of Motor Vehicles demands a minimum coverage of liability, worth the following amounts:

•             Bodily injury – It covers for the injuries and damages off which, you are at fault. It is worth $15000* per person, and $30000* per accident.

•             Property damage – If you cause any damage to property during a car accident, this coverage covers for it. It amounts to $5000*.

•             Medical benefits – Irrespective of who is at fault, this coverage pays for the treatment, if you are involved in a car accident.

In addition, there are a few types of coverage like Collision Coverage, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage. Although you are not bound by the DMV of Philadelphia to purchase them, but you can always opt for them, if you want to secure yourself and your car more.

There are a few factors affecting your auto insurance quote. They are:

•             Age – Those below the age of 25 are considered ‘high risk’ drivers, and require to pay a higher rate of premium for their car insurance.

•             Marital status – Marriage is a union, where you take up the responsibility of another human being. Both married men and women are considered safe drivers. As they have a family to think of, safety is their first priority. Thus, car insurance premium for them is quite low. If a married couple decides to get a divorced, then the quote is revised, and a new rate is provided.

•             Gender – Women are thought to be safer drivers than men, and hence pay low insurance premium.

•             Area of residence – Your auto insurance quotes is greatly influenced by your area of residence. Ones living in the suburbs need to pay lesser premium than those in the cities. In addition, the rates vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Ones residing in well-guarded and safe areas pay lesser than dwelling in places, where car theft and other crimes are rampant.

•             The model and the price of your car – The type of car you drive affects your insurance quotes. If you drive an expensive model, then you need to pay a higher premium, as they would cost the insurance company quite a lot to get it repaired. Car insurance, in the case of second hand cars cost less.

Philadelphia DMV is not lenient when it comes to dealing with drivers driving without their car insurance proofs. If you are caught, you may end up losing your license, or may even be briefly imprisoned.

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