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Benefits of Acquiring Auto Insurance Quotes in Philadelphia for Senior Citizens

Pennsylvania is quite strict a state, when it comes to driving without auto insurance. The price of such a policy is quite high in this state, especially in big urban centers like Philadelphia. We are no strangers to the fact that a driver’s age is one of the major factors affecting his/her auto insurance premium rates. Senior citizens are considered high-risk drivers, and it can be quite a task to get affordable auto insurance quotes in Philadelphia for them. Senior citizens have a reputation of causing accidents by deviating from the basic traffic rules like driving past a red light, exceeding the speed limit, etc. As one ages, the body begins to suffer from certain health related problems like neurological disorders, vision problems, joint pains, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

The state of Philadelphia does have provisions for senior citizens, when it comes to car insurance. However, they are bound by a few simple conditions. Philadelphia makes it mandatory for all insurance companies, to provide discounts to senior driver, i.e drivers above the age of 55, who clears the driving course, 55 Alive. 55 Alive is conducted by American Association of Retired Person’s to test and improve the driving skills of elderly drivers. The course not only checks and makes seniors aware of certain safety factors, but also tells them of the types of cars they must use. There are a number of things to be paid attention to. Like:

•             The adjustability of the car seats

•             The stiffness rigidity of the seat belts. The seat belts must be easy to use.

•             The display panel’s visibility

•             The stiffness and the rigidity of the doors. The doors should be lightweight, and its hinges, smooth.

•             The clarity of the view of the road. They must have unobstructed and clear view of the road.

There are a few other ways to reduce your auto insurance quotes in Philadelphia:

•             Pay a higher deductible

•             Go for a car, which have low cases of theft, and low repairing costs, in case of any damage. You will be able to obtain such information from the Highway Loss Data.

•             Omit collision and comprehensive coverage, in case you own an older model.

•             If you have reliable safety features like air bags, alarms, and antilock brakes installed, ask for discounts.

•             Ask if the company provides bulk discounts in case of multiple policy purchase.

•             Make sure you have a good credit history. Correct them and free them of errors and inaccuracies.

•             Ask for low-mileage discounts, if applicable.

•             Make sure you enquire regarding discounts for purchasing insurance online.

Besides these few conditions, elderly drivers can avail a few discounts. Usually, cars owned by senior citizens are used for limited purposes. If your car is used to drive to and from the medical clinic for treatment purposes, visiting friends and family, going to the store to pick up commodities, attending volunteering work, etc. then, you can get attractive discounts with car insurance quotes in Philadelphia.

If you are however, above the age of 75, you need to undergo certain medical tests, and take the prescribed driving courses then the insurance company will provide you with suitable discounts, to ensure maximum coverage.

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