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Helpful Tips for Couples On Finding Philadelphia Cheap Car Insurance

ComparePhiladelphiaCarInsuranceQuotesMarriage is an emblem of not just love, but also of responsibility. It is taken to be a rule of the thumb, that married individuals are more responsible. This axiom enables married couples to reap benefits out of cheap auto insurance in Philadelphia. Like the rest of the United States, car insurance premium depends on a person’s age, gender and marital status, in addition to the person’s area of residence.

Car insurance companies in Pennsylvania has not overlooked the fact that married couples generally show more caution while driving, and are less reckless than drivers who are single. The reason is perhaps that once married, a person’s intention is to settle down and have a family. In fact, various surveys have been conducted, only to prove this point again and again. In order to reduce uninsured drivers, and also to encourage more and more people to get insurance, the insurance companies in Pennsylvania not only offer discounts, but also, provide attractive and cheap Philadelphia car insurance packages on their joint schemes.

None of us is stranger to the fact that those aged below twenty-five are considered‘high risk’ drivers, and are considered to be more prone to accidents. As a result, it is nearly impossible for them to get hold of a Philadelphia cheap car insurance plan. If you are below the age of twenty-five, and are about to get married, then you can make the best of such discount plans. Shed off the ‘high risk’ and ‘reckless’ tag, associated with your age group, by merging your partner’s car insurance policy with your own, and make the best out of your auto insurance.

The city of Philadelphia adheres to the norms and laws set by the state-level bodies of Pennsylvania, and traffic and transport rules are no exceptions. The average auto insurance quote in Philadelphia is about $2313*. For a married couple with impressive driving records the basic coverage premium breakdown looks something like this:

Bodily Injury – By considering $100,000* for individual injury and $300,000* for accidents, a wedded couple needs to pay an average premium of $713*.

Property Damage – For bulk property damage coverage of $50,000*, an amount of only $207* is to be paid approximately.

Medical – For a minimum medical coverage of $5,000*, $40* needs to be paid as premium.

However, you must keep one thing in mind. The PennDoT cross checks and verifies the individual driving histories of each partner. If one of you has a bad driving record full of accidents and traffic violations, then the premium rates of your joint policy will shoot up, even if the other person has a clean driver’s profile.

Having an expensive car may also add to your auto insurance woes. If you and your partner have two different cars, and intend to get full coverage for the expensive one, and partial coverage for the inexpensive one, then it is best that you go for separate policies, as it would be more financially convenient.

In case you get divorced, or your partner dies, your car insurance policy reverts to the single status and you are to start paying higher premium rates.

The competition in the auto insurance sector is immense, and married couples can easily acquire a Philadelphia cheap car insurance scheme, thanks to the attractive discounts they are liable for. In addition, registering more than one car under a single policy, and having a common garaging address will also fetch you huge discounts, making your Philadelphia car insurance quite cheap.

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