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Answered Philadelphia DMV Queries

The Philadelphia DMV, on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Transport, looks after the various rules concerning the vehicles and automobiles registered under the state, in the city of Philadelphia.

If I am asked to show proof of my car insurance by law enforcement personnel, what are the documents that will be taken as valid proofs?

•             A valid ID card issued by your insurer

•             A copy of the insurance policy agreement

•             A copy of a valid insurance binder

•             A proof of insurance application to the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan

1. What are the factors that will increase my premium rates?

A number of factors lead to the increase in your auto insurance premium-

•             Including another vehicle to the policy

•             Purchasing additional coverage

•             Increasing mileage

•             Including a new driver

•             Making claims and moving violations

•             Relocating to another part of the city/state

•             Replacing an old car with a newer one

Sometimes, there are rate increases upon renewal. That depends from insurer to insurer.

2. How to reduce my auto insurance premium?

You may save money on your auto insurance premium by

•             Go for the limited tort option rather than the full tort option

•             Pay a higher deductible on your collision and comprehensive coverage

•             Doing away with collision coverage on old cars

•             Settling for the minimum required coverage as stated by the Philadelphia DMV

•             Doing away with funeral benefits and income loss

•             Inquiring about special discounts

However, do take time off to think about the problems you may face in the near future. Visiting the Philadelphia transport department can take your worries away.

3. Will my premium go down, if I exclude my spouse or teenaged offspring form the policy?

The first holder can eliminate the other holders from the policy, but not before proving that they are insured elsewhere, or by the Assigned Risk Plan.

4. What is meant by the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan?

The Assigned Risk Plan of Pennsylvania is an insurance program, which enables those, who are unable to obtain otherwise auto insurance coverage. All insurance are to take part in this program. The applicants are assigned to different forms, based on the business the firms do.

5. How much does my insurance company need to pay me, in case of any damage to my car?

The auto insurance plan is to pay the amount required to restore the car to its original form. You may attain information from the car insurance about the auto repair facility, lying near the site of accident and where you need your work to be done. There are no specifications in terms of the shops.

6. Will DUI and DWI charged lead to my auto insurance policy in Philadelphia, getting cancelled?

The state of Pennsylvania has strict DUI and DWI norms. Whether you attend the classes held by the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program (ARD), your driver’s license will definitely be suspended. The span of suspension will depend on your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), and the number of time you have been charged of such an offence.

A license suspension can act as quite a valid reason for termination, non-renewal, and cancelation of your insurance scheme. All of these are the typical questions by many motorists, but you can take your worries away when you visit the motor vehicle department of Philadelphia.

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