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The Secret Guide Revealed on Selecting Philadelphia Cheap Car Insurance

Like all other drivers of the United States belonging to big urban centers, Philadelphia drivers pay comparatively a higher sum for their car insurance. According to a survey conducted a couple of years back, the average cost of auto insurance in Philadelphia is 47% more than the national average. The insurance companies justify that the higher density is directly affected by higher probabilities of theft, vandalism, and accidents.

Statistics reveal that the variation of Philadelphia auto insurance prices more of a problem at the neighborhood level than in the state or zonal level. One of the biggest reasons is that the insurance companies take into account, the percentages, and the rates of property crime in the city. When it comes to Philadelphia, the rate of common crimes like car theft is almost twice the national average.

The car insurance policies and schemes in Pennsylvania are regulated by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Philadelphia comes under the jurisdiction of this state, and follows the norms set by the establishment. The state makes it compulsory for all automobile owners, to possess insurance for their car. The minimum coverage or liability includes $5,000* worth of medical benefits, bodily injury liability of $15000* for each person, and $30000* for each accident. Minimum liability also includes $5,000* worth of property damage coverage.

Philadelphia is a state of torts. During purchase, the buyer is given a choice between full and limited tort. The Act 6 of Title 75, Section 1705 (d) of the Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law clearly defines the term ‘serious injury’. By choosing the limited option, you will definitely bring down the premium rates of your auto insurance in Philadelphia, but that will be done in lieu of some of the civil rights you possess. By choosing this type of tort, you will not be entitled to claim compensation for the pain, suffering and damages caused to you and your car, unless it falls into the category of ‘serious injury’. By choosing the latter option, i.e full tort, your civil rights remain intact, and you can sue the guilty party for the damages.

One of the biggest reasons for the high auto insurance premium rates in Philadelphia is that a large number of drivers in the city are uninsured, high car insurance premium rates being the chief reason. In fact, the Uninsured Motorist coverage premiums in Philadelphia are ten times more than the Pennsylvanian average and a lot higher than the other cities like Detroit and Los Angeles. If an accident is caused by an uninsured motorist, then you have no choice but to make claims from your own insurance scheme.

The Philadelphian demography is one of the major contributing factors to the city’s high auto insurance rates. While calculating quotes, the Philadelphia car insurance companies take into account, education level, income levels, and credit scorings. Thus, technically, car owners belonging to low income groups, and residing in crowded neighborhoods, require paying higher auto insurance premium rates, in Philadelphia, than higher income groups.

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