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Tips on Getting a Good Lawyer for Your DUI/DWI Case

If you are pulled over for DUI and your Blood Alcohol Count (BAC) is found to be over the legal limit, you stand the chance of getting into a lot of financial and legal trouble. The tough and stringent Pennsylvanian laws penalize you for drunk driving with compulsory sentences like rehabilitation, DUI classes and suspension of license, ignition lock, and imprisonment. To add to your woes, insurance companies burn a hole in your pocket by increasing their auto insurance quotes in Philadelphia.

As soon as you are charged of DUI, seek for legal help. You can ask your friends and family members who have hired DUI lawyers before. Focus mainly on these few points.

•             The strengths of the lawyer in terms of such cases.

•             The weaknesses of the lawyer in terms of such cases.

•             Is the lawyer worth approaching again?

•             Did the lawyer do his job well?

If you want avert the part of asking your acquaintances, you can always look up the local listings on the Internet to get the lawyer of your choice. Most lawyers have their own personal websites on which you can contact them directly.

Set up an appointment as soon as possible with the lawyer you selected. During the meeting, discuss about the legal strategies he is to undertake in order to defend you and his experience in the field of law to decide if you want to hire him or not. Make sure you come as prepared to ask the necessary questions and clarify your doubts. Do not forget to ask the attorney about these few things.

•             Legal experience- Feel free to ask the attorney about his experiences and knowledge in the field of law. To fight your case well, you need an attorney with a rock solid grasp on the DUI and DWI laws of the state of Pennsylvania.

•             Courtroom experience- Try to find out, how long he has been practicing in the state. Check if the attorney is familiar with the courtroom personnel and the prosecutor. If so, it will definitely act to your advantage.

•             Your requirements- If you plead guilty, try negotiating a plea bargain. If not, discuss each option one by one in details including the possible outcomes and the required strategies.

•             Fees- Finally, wrap up the conversation by asking the lawyer about the fees for the span of time you want to hire him. Make sure you also ask about the other expenses you need to bear. Though renowned and experienced lawyers tend to charge higher, you may end up saving as they are more efficient and take lesser time.

It would be best if you make a written list of all the questions you want to ask the lawyer during the visit. Take down notes if you want to.

During your very first meeting, let the attorney lead the conversation. Inform them first about the evidences against you before starting with your version of the event. Do not make the mistake of hiding any important details from the attorney. Answer all the questions the lawyer asks precisely and honestly. Every attorney is bound by strict confidentiality rules, that is, whatever be the conversation between you two the lawyer is not supposed to reveal them to anyone. Even if you don’t end up hiring him, he has the duty to keep all the information you provided confidential. If you need special favors like weekend meetings and after hour phone calls, this is the best time to notify him. Observe whether the attorney is patient enough to answer all your queries and is making it a point to acquaint you with all the legal jargons and new policies.

During your first visit, carry all possible documents that may be of help to the attorney. In case of DUI and DWI cases, it really helps if you bring the following.

•             The police report charging you of DUI and your BAC count.

•             The documents of your bail.

•             The court papers (if any) charging you of DUI and stating the exact degree of your offence and future court summons.

•             Other documents given to you by the traffic law enforcement like a search inventory report.

A number of lawyers (especially busy ones) send you out a questionnaire prior to giving you an appointment. In that case, make sure you fill it up with all the necessary details and send it in before the meeting.

After you are done with interviewing all the DUI and DWI lawyers in your list, it is time for you to select the one you like the best to fight your case. Try asking yourself these few questions and select the one who suits these criteria the best.

•             Whose legal strategies did you find to be most effective?

•             With whom were you most comfortable discussing the case?

•             Who has more experience with such cases?

•             Who has won the most number of DUI cases?

•             Whose fees are the most affordable?

•             Who seems to be best connected with the prosecutor?

If they seem equally good and you are unable to choose from them, ask for the contact details of a few of their previous clients to get feedbacks.

Your insurer will surely increase its Philadelphia auto insurance quotes on the intensity and the tier of your offence. If you are a first time offender with a BAC just about to exceed the legal limit, the hike of the premium of your auto insurance in Philadelphia is lesser than that of a second time offender with a high BAC. If your attorney is successful in fighting your case and does away with or significantly reduces your penalties, then it will obviously affect your car insurance quotes in Philadelphia as well.

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