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3 Phases of DUI/DWI Offense That Can Affect Your Car Insurance Philadelphia

AutoInsuranceInPhiladelphiaCompaniesDriving at the state of drunkenness is a criminal offence. By driving under the effect of intoxicating substances, you not only put yourself but also the lives of others under jeopardy. Pennsylvania is a state with strict laws when it comes to driving. One of the strict laws is the mandatory purchase of car insurance Philadelphia. As for the laws, offences like Driving under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are dealt with iron hands. The legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in Pennsylvania is 0.08%. Philadelphia, being situated in this state, enforces the DUI and DWI laws of Pennsylvania. There are three phases off DUI offence. They are listed as follows.

•             General Impairment Penalties (0.08%-0.099% BAC) – In this case, charges include ungraded or second degree misdemeanour, a few days to 2 years of prison time, a fine ranging from $300 to $5,000, one year ignition lock, alcohol highway safety school, and if required, treatment. You may face some or all of these penalties. Your prior DUI record is taken into account. Obviously, first time offenders get a lighter sentence.

•             High BAC Penalties (0.10% to 0.159% BAC) –  The punishments in this case includes ungraded to first degree misdemeanour, twelve to eighteen months of license suspension, 48 hours to 5 years in jail, $500 to $10,000 fine, alcohol highway safety school, a year of ignition lock, and treatment upon order. You may face some or all of these penalties depending on your BAC level and previous DUI records.

•             Highest BAC Penalties (BAC of 0.16% and above) or Controlled Substances) – If you are charged with this offence, then you are heavily penalized. The penalties include ungraded to first degree misdemeanour, 72 hours to 5 years in prison, a hefty fine varying from $1,000 to $10,000, 1 year ignition lock, alcohol highway safety school, and treatment if needed. Based on your previous records, you face some or all of these sentences.

You must note that seriously injuring another party automatically worsens your charge. Failure to cooperate with the arresting officer(s), misbehavior and refusal of breath, urine and blood tests to measure your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) will add to your problems. You always have the option of not answering and not taking the Field Sobriety Test before speaking to your attorney but you need to convey that politely. If not, you may end up with a suspended license or even be dragged to jail.

DUI and DWI convictions will definitely affect your driver’s record. As a result, you will have to pay more for your auto insurance in Philadelphia. For offenders, the premium rates can increase to a hefty amount or worse, your Philadelphia auto insurance company may refuse to insure you. The increment in the rates of auto insurance in Philadelphia depends on the degree of your offence and the number of times you have been convicted for the same reason.

Driving while drunk does not go hand in hand. If you have drunk too much, it is better to choose not to drive. Ask someone who is sober to give you a ride instead. Lead your life responsibly and safely.

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How DUI/DWI Charges Affect Your Philadelphia Car Insurance Rate

In terms of traffic laws, the state of Pennsylvania is quite tough and definitely stricter in big urban centers like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and York. The legal limit of Blood alcohol Concentration in the state of Pennsylvania is 0.08% and exceeding it is illegal for you to take a drive. Even by just sitting behind the wheels of your car with the keys in the ignition, you can be arrested for DUI if your BAC is above the legal limit. First time offenders are dealt with a bit of lenience if they meet the required guidelines. A conditional license is given provided the offender accepts a brief license suspension. However, it only enables you to drive to and from work and to rehabilitation. Driving hours and venues are limited. In some cases, you can only drive during a specific time of the day.

How do such charges affect the rates of your car insurance in Philadelphia? Each driver licensed by the state of Pennsylvania has a ‘motor vehicle record’ updated every three years. Even if your insurance company considers you to be a safe driver, it will tag you as a high-risk driver immediately after your conviction leading to higher premium rate.

Car insurance is profitable as long as you keep paying the premium without making any claims. For high-risk drivers, the probability of a claim being made is definitely high. In Pennsylvania, the insurance company has the option to reject your insurance plea by choice and terminate the agreement if you are charged with DUI.

However, the state has designed a particular number of carriers to provide coverage to drivers who find it tough to obtain Philadelphia car insurance by making a provision of the Assigned Risk Policy. They are not much different in terms of coverage and must surely carry the minimum coverage as per the rules of the state of Pennsylvania. It is made available to all with the driving record not necessary in acquiring such a policy. However, it is very expensive one may have to pay twice the minimum amount.

If you are slapped with the offence of driving under the influence of intoxicating substances like alcohol and drugs, it is best for you to seek professional help regarding your car insurance policy. Most of the big and national level companies discreetly avoid insuring high-risk drivers. However, there are a few smaller city-based and state-based firms that may agree to do so. DUI and DWI charges stay on your record for only a few years. After which you can apply for newer and cheaper auto insurance in Philadelphia.

We all know that prevention is always the best option. The DUI and DWI laws are framed for our own safety and it is our duty to uphold them.

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Tips on Getting a Good Lawyer for Your DUI/DWI Case

If you are pulled over for DUI and your Blood Alcohol Count (BAC) is found to be over the legal limit, you stand the chance of getting into a lot of financial and legal trouble. The tough and stringent Pennsylvanian laws penalize you for drunk driving with compulsory sentences like rehabilitation, DUI classes and suspension of license, ignition lock, and imprisonment. To add to your woes, insurance companies burn a hole in your pocket by increasing their auto insurance quotes in Philadelphia.

As soon as you are charged of DUI, seek for legal help. You can ask your friends and family members who have hired DUI lawyers before. Focus mainly on these few points.

•             The strengths of the lawyer in terms of such cases.

•             The weaknesses of the lawyer in terms of such cases.

•             Is the lawyer worth approaching again?

•             Did the lawyer do his job well?

If you want avert the part of asking your acquaintances, you can always look up the local listings on the Internet to get the lawyer of your choice. Most lawyers have their own personal websites on which you can contact them directly.

Set up an appointment as soon as possible with the lawyer you selected. During the meeting, discuss about the legal strategies he is to undertake in order to defend you and his experience in the field of law to decide if you want to hire him or not. Make sure you come as prepared to ask the necessary questions and clarify your doubts. Do not forget to ask the attorney about these few things.

•             Legal experience- Feel free to ask the attorney about his experiences and knowledge in the field of law. To fight your case well, you need an attorney with a rock solid grasp on the DUI and DWI laws of the state of Pennsylvania.

•             Courtroom experience- Try to find out, how long he has been practicing in the state. Check if the attorney is familiar with the courtroom personnel and the prosecutor. If so, it will definitely act to your advantage.

•             Your requirements- If you plead guilty, try negotiating a plea bargain. If not, discuss each option one by one in details including the possible outcomes and the required strategies.

•             Fees- Finally, wrap up the conversation by asking the lawyer about the fees for the span of time you want to hire him. Make sure you also ask about the other expenses you need to bear. Though renowned and experienced lawyers tend to charge higher, you may end up saving as they are more efficient and take lesser time.

It would be best if you make a written list of all the questions you want to ask the lawyer during the visit. Take down notes if you want to.

During your very first meeting, let the attorney lead the conversation. Inform them first about the evidences against you before starting with your version of the event. Do not make the mistake of hiding any important details from the attorney. Answer all the questions the lawyer asks precisely and honestly. Every attorney is bound by strict confidentiality rules, that is, whatever be the conversation between you two the lawyer is not supposed to reveal them to anyone. Even if you don’t end up hiring him, he has the duty to keep all the information you provided confidential. If you need special favors like weekend meetings and after hour phone calls, this is the best time to notify him. Observe whether the attorney is patient enough to answer all your queries and is making it a point to acquaint you with all the legal jargons and new policies.

During your first visit, carry all possible documents that may be of help to the attorney. In case of DUI and DWI cases, it really helps if you bring the following.

•             The police report charging you of DUI and your BAC count.

•             The documents of your bail.

•             The court papers (if any) charging you of DUI and stating the exact degree of your offence and future court summons.

•             Other documents given to you by the traffic law enforcement like a search inventory report.

A number of lawyers (especially busy ones) send you out a questionnaire prior to giving you an appointment. In that case, make sure you fill it up with all the necessary details and send it in before the meeting.

After you are done with interviewing all the DUI and DWI lawyers in your list, it is time for you to select the one you like the best to fight your case. Try asking yourself these few questions and select the one who suits these criteria the best.

•             Whose legal strategies did you find to be most effective?

•             With whom were you most comfortable discussing the case?

•             Who has more experience with such cases?

•             Who has won the most number of DUI cases?

•             Whose fees are the most affordable?

•             Who seems to be best connected with the prosecutor?

If they seem equally good and you are unable to choose from them, ask for the contact details of a few of their previous clients to get feedbacks.

Your insurer will surely increase its Philadelphia auto insurance quotes on the intensity and the tier of your offence. If you are a first time offender with a BAC just about to exceed the legal limit, the hike of the premium of your auto insurance in Philadelphia is lesser than that of a second time offender with a high BAC. If your attorney is successful in fighting your case and does away with or significantly reduces your penalties, then it will obviously affect your car insurance quotes in Philadelphia as well.

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Save Your Car Insurance in Philadelphia fro DUI/DWI Cases with Legal Help

Driving Under the Influence or DUI and Driving While Intoxicated or DWI are considered to be heinous violation of traffic rules. In the entire state of Pennsylvania, DUI and DWI mean the same but the official term used while dealing with such cases is DUI.

In Philadelphia, you can be charged with DUI on two grounds. If your Blood Alcohol Concentration is higher than the state’s legal limit of 0.08, you will be charged of DUI. After being pulled over, you will be taken to the police station to be tested. The test can be done my analyzing your breath or testing your blood or urine. According to the Pennsylvanian law, it should be done within two hours of arrest. Refusal and non-cooperation will only get you into more trouble and may end you up getting your license suspended immediately. You can be also charged with DUI if you are under the effect of drugs or similar illegal substances or a combination of intoxicating substances and alcohol even if your DUI is below the legal limit.

philadelphiacheapcarinsuranceFirst time offenders get lighter sentences but the consequences of the arrest can be quite serious. You have to end up paying a hefty fine ranging from $300 to $5,000, compulsory rehab, license suspension, vehicle registration suspension, ignition lock, DUI courses, and in some cases, imprisonment. To top it all, the company providing you car insurance in Philadelphia might inflate your premium rates by a large percentage.

The first thing you must do is to get yourself out of this difficult legal situation. Seeking professional and legal help is a must. You can consult some of your acquaintances or search online for a reliable lawyer to fight your case. The next step is to set up appointments with a few of these lawyers with initial consultation. Here, you can ask each other questions and discuss the means to deal with the case and each other’s conditions and requirements. Inquire about the following:

•             Experience with DUI cases in Philadelphia.

•             Thoughts on your case.

•             Contact details

•             The kind of arrangement he makes and uses.

•             Experience in dealing with case similar to yours

Select the one whose strategy you have liked the best and have found the most reliable. Don’t to choose the one with a fee you are comfortable paying with.

If you are unable to afford an attorney, you can settle for a Pennsylvanian public defender. In case of imprisonment, you can get a paralegal from the office of the local defender to know whether you are eligible for free legal representation or not. If you are not imprisoned yet, personally pay a visit to the public defender’s office along with your income proof and documents of summons. You need to have four or more consecutive pay check stubs or enough proof that you are on dole.

If you are cleared of the charges or they are significantly reduced, the rates of your car insurance Philadelphia will automatically decrease a swell. However, it is always the best option to avoid violating the laws not just to keep your Philadelphia auto insurance rates down but to lead a healthy, happy, and legally sound life as well.

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Responsibilities of a Driver with Auto Insurance in Philadelphia

We always dream of having our own car, our dream car. With the latest technology, it is hard enough to keep up with the auto mobile market lead by the car manufacturing and dealing companies in the country. However, purchasing a car is also associated with responsibilities that must always be carried with care and commitment at all times. Failure to be a responsible driver will result to big problems in the future.

The first step you have to take is getting your car insured. Getting auto insurance in Philadelphia is mandatory since it will be the one to help us be financially covered once we are in crisis. As a driver, we are at risk on being involved in accidents or being caught violating traffic laws. Another responsibility we have to take part is to the most careful driver we can be to achieve a clean driving record.

One example for it is the Philadelphia DMV DUI and DWI strict laws. Once the law enforcers found your driving suspicious, you will be pulled over to undergo some chemical tests. This will determine the level of alcohol or any illegal substance in your body. If guilty you will surely suffer severe penalties and punishments. This depends if the act you did belongs to lower, middle, or higher grade offenses. These are determined through the tests done by police enforcers of knowing the level of alcohol or any substance found in your body.

Depending on the level of offense committed, punishments can range from mandatory emptying your wallet to $10,000. Your driving license can also be suspended or confiscated from 72 hours up to 18 months. You can also be imprisoned for a few days to month and a half. Regardless to this, there are still car drivers who keep on violating the strict laws implemented.

By violating traffic laws, it will be also be a struggle looking for cheap auto insurance in Philadelphia that can also provide you the coverage you needed. But with it, it will save you from any liability due to the accident that might occur because of the violation you carelessly did. It might cover you from the costs of body injuries; car and property damages but your insurance company might actually provide you a higher premium rate, or worst, cancellation of your insurance since you have already tainted your driving record.

For additional aid, get help from the experts. You can check on the online. There are websites now that can provide you auto insurance quotes from various reputed companies. By comparing quotes, you’ll get to select the best policy among several choices. But first, check the coverage and price being offered to you before making any big decision.

You can take driving courses, take safety measures by installing safety features on your vehicle, and maintain a clean driving record to avoid traffic law violations or getting high insurance cost, and pay your insurance bills on time. This will not only save you from suffering penalties and punishments and being involved in accidents, it will also save your cash.

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Auto Insurance in Philadelphia In Case Of Accidents and DUI Law Violations

LowCostPhiladelphiaAutoInsuranceOwning a car someday is always part of the plan. Since it requires a big amount of money as a huge long-term investment, we must be prepared for it. Once we have our own car, we tend to forget something essential. We must always do our best to provide it good maintenance since it also for our safety. Another protection we can get is through auto insurance in Philadelphia.

One way of making the purchase of auto insurance is through getting quotes. This will help you to glide through the market and make a good choice. You can choose the policy that fulfill your needs and budget. Convenient, time and money saving, getting auto insurance quotes in Philadelphia is a sure way of making reliable companies our partner  for getting us protected in case of traffic violations and road mishaps.

One law that we must always be aware of once we started to use our own car is the DUI laws. It is a strict prohibition of driving while intoxicated with alcohol. There are many laws implemented by the Philadelphia DMV that were made mandatory for us to be protected while behind the wheels. If you become involved in an accident or the traffic police enforcers found your driving suspicious, the first thing they will have to do is to let you go through a test. The first test you have to undergo is the breath check. Further tests are also to provide stronger results and evidence. Once caught guilty of offending the DUI law, severe punishment must be faced based on the degree of offense received.

To prevent this from happening, better not risk yourself and avoid driving if you have alcohol intake. Take driving courses and install safety features on your vehicle. And most of all get auto insurance in Philadelphia. In case of accidents, something could help you lessen the cost you will have to shoulder for the damages you have caused to yourself, your car, other people injured, and other property damages.

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Penalties For DUI/DWI Violations According to Car Insurance Laws in Philadelphia

Cars are something that we all fascinate to have for ourselves. Buying a new car is a big that’s why once you get to own one, it must be given the appropriate attention it needs. One of the essential requirements when having a car is getting it insured since driving is something everyone enjoys and problems might arise in case of road mishaps. Get car insurance in Philadelphia from a company approved by the DMV of the state.

Driving while drunk or intoxicated is something that is strictly prohibited in all parts of the world. Philadelphia DMV has very strict process to enforce these laws as necessary since violations can vastly ruin your record and can satin your reputation as a credible driver. Auto insurances in Philadelphia may save you by providing you the coverage amount needed to treat yourself or your damaged car. However, penalties for law violations are serious enough. Here are some of them.

•             You can be imprisoned for two days and can accumulate to a few months depending on the degree of the offense done.

•             The penalty can be in terms of money that can empty your wallet more than you can imagine. It can be from $300 to $10,000 depending upon the severity of the damages.

•             Your license may get suspended for a maximum period of one and a half year.

•             Mandatory ignition interlock is also possible.

The best way to avoid suffering these consequences is to always drive extra careful. Remember that violation of traffic laws especially driving while intoxicated is a serious matter with your car insurance in Philadelphia has the risk of being cancelled and heavy premium for your insurance can also be enforced.

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DUI and DWI As A Big No in Philadelphia DMV

Cars are something that we all are big fans of. Different brands, new models, and its sleek features is more than enough to be an attraction. Since owning a car can be a huge chapter in everyone’s life as a huge investment, using it for long drives is thrilling enough. Despite of this, problems might occur especially if driving was taken carelessly. These problems must be addressed as soon as possible even before it could happen.

Accidents in highways or roads are common happenings for each day now and there is a common factor that binds more than two fifth of these cases. This common factor is that the driver was intoxicated and not in the position to drive properly. This is very dangerous as lives are at risk for this traffic violation. This is why strict laws are in pace to control this and bring the offenders at bay.

Auto insurance in Philadelphia DMV is very strict about this. This is why renewals must be done once or twice every three years whenever records are being checked. Even recorded violations done a long time ago can still be used against you once you get caught offending the laws again.

There might be several problems you have to face when caught doing violations or getting involved in accidents. One of the biggest problems is the increase on your premium’s cost. Car insurance companies in Philadelphia will surely regard you as an irresponsible and risky driver. Even though the damages done to your car will be covered by your insurance company, the problems associated with this are hard to count to the point that it loses its relevance. Always be careful since failure to abide by the laws implemented in your state will result to allocated punishments and penalties as well.

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